Industrial oil/water separation

In many industrial sectors, the treatment of wastewater polluted with oily compounds is becoming difficult to manage, given the increasingly stringent regulations in terms of respect and protection of the environment. Moreover, the increase in costs for the discharge and supply of clean water force companies to carry out this type of treatment in the most optimal and economic way possible.

Water and oil separators

Current treatment plants for the separation of water and oil are mostly based on two main technologies: the principle of vacuum evaporation and the principle of coalescence separation. These types of systems generally require large installation spaces, long times and subsequent stages of treatment to obtain a separation that respects the limits imposed by the law. Moreover, in many cases, the management of pollutant overloads is difficult to manage and requires appropriate conditioning operations of the incoming wastewater.

Our method for oil/water separation

The technology developed by Captive Systems allows the removal and separation of oily substances from aqueous waste with a single step. Thanks to the high surface area that the micro-sponges possess, combined with their strong lipophilic character, it is possible to remove oils and hydrocarbons quickly and effectively, ensuring a treatment that respects the rules relating to discharges and possibly giving the possibility to re-enter the treated water in the production cycle. Our technology does not require large installation spaces and can be easily integrated into existing treatment systems.


metodo di separazione acqua e olio