The Captive Systems’ technology is:

  • Innovative and easy to apply
  • Economic and environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for the removal and / or recovery of hydrocarbons, lipophilic substances and heavy metals from water, soil, air emissions

the technology of Captive Systems is able to absorb the polluting compounds dispersed in the soil such as oils and / or metals and by magnetic filtration is possible to separate them from the ground, which is thus quenched.


removal of hydrocarbon (substances fluorinated compounds, silicone oils, hydrocarbons, lubricants) and / or metals dispersed in water with subsequent purification of the same.


it is possible to use the technology for the treatment of gas streams for removal of hydrocarbon substances present.

How does it work?

Captive Systems’ technology offers a class of products with a high surface area and a tunable outer coating which makes them and / or:

  • Amphiphilic: dispersible in aqueous solutions while preserving affinity with the oil phases.
  • Electrostatically charged which makes them to be able to attract heavy metals.

The magnetic core makes them susceptible to magnetic fields and thus easily removable from the environment of application.

The micron-sized dimension allows an easy separation by filtration.

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