The product

In a global society that can no longer ignore environmental protection, threatened by the dispersion of toxic substances, we have found it necessary to find adequate and intelligent solutions to reverse this dangerous trend and preserve our health. This is why Captive System has designed and manufactured its products in a smart, economical and low environmental impact perspective, with the aim of ensuring the removal and / or recovery of lipophilic substances, hydrocarbons and metals from soils, air and water.

Our technology in wastewater clarification

Captive Systems’ Technology uses ferromagnetic materials with a tunable coating:

The product with a size of the order of tens of microns has a high surface area.
The possibility to tune the surface functional groups of materials by using different coating makes the product very versatile depending on what you want to remove and / or recover.


Finally, the magnetic core ensures that the materials used for Captive Systems technology are susceptible to magnetic fields and therefore easily removable from the application environment.


Wastewater clarification: